It is our promise and commitment to you as a buyer or buyer's agent to provide an accurate and thorough inspection in a timely and efficient manner. Our inspections are performed in a solutions based manor, providing tips on repairing many commonly found defects, not just pointing out deficiencies in the home.

Inspection Reports are computer generated and are emailed for electronic access the same day.

Inspections are done to the Standards of the American Society of Home Inspectors [ASHI] by an ASHI CERTIFIED INSPECTOR


Commercial and Multi-Unit Inspections: Call for quote.

Prices Starting at:

Standard Home Inspection: $350 For Homes up to 2,500 sq. ft. total finished living area.

Add 5 cents for each sq foot over 2,500 sq ft for houses, 2,000 sq ft for condo's

Standard Inspection includes:






Heating including carbon monoxide testing



Insulation and Ventilation

Built in Kitchen Appliances

Condominium: $275

Standard Termite Inspection Starting At
: $90

Guaranteed Termite Inspection Or Radon Test with Home Inspection $475

Guaranteed Termite Inspection and Radon Test with Home Inspection $600

Guarantee covers cost of treatment if active termite infestation is found at the time of inspection or within one year.

Radon Testing: $170 for just Radon Test

Individual Inspections Starting At: $100 - Roof, Structural, Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrical, and etc.                                

Reinspections:Starting at $55

Extra charges may apply for:

Accessible Crawlspaces $30

Distance Charges vary based on time/distance to address.

NOTE: Prices may change without notice.