Home Inspection Services in Grand Rapids and West Michigan

For reliable inspection services in Grand Rapids and the West Michigan Area, reach out to us.

Commercial and Multi-Unit Inspections

Please call for a quote on commercial or multi-unit property inspections.


Comprehensive Inspections: Houses start at $375 and Condominiums start at $300, add $0.05 per square foot above 2,500 square feet in houses and 2,000 in condos. Comprehensive inspections include:

  • Structure
  • Exterior
  • Roof
  • Plumbing
  • Electric
  • HVAC
  • Interior
  • Insulation and Ventilation
  • Built-in Kitchen Appliances


  • Guaranteed Termite Inspection $130 Available only with a home inspection. Our guarantee covers the cost of treatment if an active termite infestation is found at the time of the inspection or within one year.
  • Standard Termite Inspection: starts at $90
  • Radon Testing: $170
  • Individual Inspections: start at $100 for roofing, structural components, heating & air, electrical, etc.

Extra Charges:

  • Accessible Crawlspaces, $40
  • Distance Charges, vary based on time/distance to address

NOTE: Prices may change without notice.

Inspection Reports are computer-generated and are emailed for electronic access the same day.
All inspections are done to the standards of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) by an ASHI-Certified Inspector.

Inspection Programs

Pre-Listing Inspections

  • Arranged by the Seller or Listing Agent
  • Available for Purchase to All Potential Buyers at No Cost to the Seller or Listing Agent
  • Listing Agent Makes the Report’s Availability Known in the Listing & During Showings
  • Listing Agent Includes Alert Inspection Services, LLC’s Contact Information in the Listing & During Showings
  • Access to the Report May Make Buyers More Confident, Resulting in More & Higher Bids
  • Access to the Report May Also Reduce Seller’s & Agent’s Disclosure Liability
  • Seller & Listing Agent DO NOT Receive the Findings or Report

Walk-Through Inspections

  • Address Specific Buyer Concerns or Offer Limited Overview of Component Age & Condition
  • 30-Minute ($150) and 60-Minute ($200) Time Slots Available
  • Same-Day Electronic Report

Post-Purchase Inspections

  • Tell You the Condition of Your Home
  • Identify Areas that May Need Attention
  • Indicate How to Maintain Your Home over Time
  • Help You Avoid Costly Damage
  • Help You Protect Resale Value
  • Provide You with Referral List of Reliable Contractors